Hello & Thank you for booking your newborn portraits with me!

I am so excited to capture this special milestone for your family!

I have created this prep guide to help you best prepare for your newborn session, if you have additional questions, there is additional frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page for you!


What to Expect in the Studio

Your newborn session will start at your scheduled time and will generally be scheduled for about 3 hours. There is a comfortable parent area to make yourself comfortable in during the session.

I always start with the baby and finish with family images. There is a washroom in the studio so you are more than welcome to freshen up once you arrive! Come in your pajamas or comfortable clothing if you'd like!

I will have lights dimmed and white noise on when you arrive to really help with the create that 'womb' environment for baby. The studio will also be warm in order to keep your baby calm and sleeping for the photos, I recommend to dress in layers and to only bring your family that will be in the photos with you.

I do have a snack station with water, tea, juice, and snacks. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments as well.


What to Bring to your Newborn Photo Session

Please arrive with baby in a button or zipper pajama if possible as these are the easiest to remove without disturbing baby. Most times baby falls asleep on the car ride to the studio, we want to try keep them sleeping. Bring the bucket carseat in with you and I will help take baby out and get started on photos right away.

The two most important items to bring with you:

  • Bottle/syringes of breastmilk or formula
  • A pacifier

Even if baby is not taking it yet, this can really help settle baby into those cute sleepy state for photos. Also note that baby will not be relying on the pacifier or a bottle for long enough to form any habits that interfere with nursing, I watch closely for signs that baby is ready to feed during the entire session.

If you are breastfeeding baby, I recommend not to wear your chosen shirt for your family photos until its time for family photos. accidents and spit up happens!


Before you Arrive

Try to keep your newborn awake for at least 45-60 minutes along with feeding them about 20-30 minutes before you come to the studio. Let baby fall asleep on the car ride to the studio. If baby is very awake when you arrive I will ask to feed baby first to ensure they have a full belly before starting.

If you are breastfeeding, please try to avoid the following foods 24 hours before your session to avoid baby having an upset or gassy tummy.

X - Spicy or gassy foods (such as broccoli, beans, etc)

X - Heavy dairy (in case baby has an unknown intolerance)

X - caffeine and chocolate


What to Wear for Newborn Family Portraits

Your first family portraits are the ones you will cherish forever. To make these timeless images to enjoy in your home for years to come, I strongly suggest neutrals, black, or white tops/dresses with denim or black bottoms.

  • Note that if one person wears black, the other should wear another tone.
  • Avoid anything with large logos or prints.

For sibling photos:

for young children, let them know they are going to "Help Ellie take photos with the baby" This usually plants the seed that they are my helper vs. that they have to smile for the camera. Its all about creating a fun and calm environment for everyone!


Frequently Asked Questions

What if my newborn or their siblings do not cooperate?

As a mom myself, I understand that some days are not as predictable as we would like them to be.

I have many different strategies to calm a fussy baby or to encourage a toddler, however if we are not getting the images or poses we need for your gallery, I may suggest to reschedule.

Can my spouse and other children arrive later than the start time?

If this works for your family, absolutely.

let me know about how much notice they need to arrive (example, they need a 30 minute heads up to head over)

How long after the session for sneak peaks?

I always post sneak peaks within a day or two to my social media platforms
(3-5 images)

Your full gallery will be ready in about 2 weeks from your session date.

Can grandparents be included in the session?

Yes! As long as this is discussed in the planning of your session.

I have a special item, can we use this in the session?

Of course! Please make sure this is noted in your questionnaire as I will include it in my session plan.

I have seen fertility treatment items, family heirlooms, saddles, wedding veils, jewelry, you name it!

If there is something important to you and your family; providing it can be done safely, I am always excited to include it!